History and Archaeology Sub-Committee

The History and Archaeology Subcommittee was formed in 2014 to plan a series of heritage events to celebrate the Year of the Hanse in 2015, and meets regularly at Hanse House.  It contains representatives of the King’s Lynn Hanseatic Club, King’s Lynn Town Guides, True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum and Marriott’s Warehouse Trust.  As Dr Paul Richards, Chairman of the King’s Lynn Hanseatic Club, explains “Our several events celebrate Lynn’s Hanseatic heritage and membership of the New Hanseatic League Today. Since 2005 we have developed business and cultural ties with cities across northern Europe – the Past can and does shape the Future”.

On Thursday 14th May the celebrations started with the arrival of a Dutch medieval replica ship (known as a Cog), the Kamper Kogge, which was moored at the South Quay pontoons, and proved very popular with visitors!

During the Hanse Festival the King’s Lynn Town Guides ran free taster walks which were an excellent opportunity to learn more about King’s Lynn’s fascinating history and its connections to the Hanseatic League

International Day of the Hanse falls on the third Saturday in May, and is celebrated in all member towns and cities.  The Hanseatic League was originally a medieval trading organisation of German city states, which had trade links throughout Europe and the Baltic.  During this period King’s Lynn was one of the four largest ports in England and, via the River Great Ouse, a gateway to around eight inland counties.  The town contains the only surviving Hanseatic trading post in England, the Hanse House, which was obtained by the Hanseatic League under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1474.  This year King’s Lynn celebrates the 10th anniversary of its membership of the New Hanseatic League, of which Lynn and Hull are, at the moment, the only two English members.

The current HAS representatives are:

Dr Paul Richards – Chairman
Cllr. Andrew Tyler – King’s Lynn Hanseatic Club
Lindsey Bavin – True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum
Rebecca Rees – Marriott’s Warehouse Trust
Robert Price – King’s Lynn Town Guides

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