The Nine Realms

Friday 11th – Tuesday 15th September 2015

Magicking the Norse World to life ~ 19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking boat! 

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For 30 days in April ArtiPeeps ran an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to fund the commissioning costs of a Viking boat they were having carved to act as a focal point for the Norse-inspired, interactive combined arts experience to be held at The Gallery here at  Hanse House, and The Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library in Norwich this September. Mark Crowley, a wood carver from Newcastle, live-carved the boat across the 30 days which gave great energy to the campaign. The themed rewards in the campaign ranged from bespoke Viking Wooden Medallions to Rune poetry, to having backers’ initials carved on the boat. The campaign was a real success and attracted 105% funding.

Mark  has now finished carving the bespoke mahogany and oak 40 cm x 80 cm piece.  The boat will act as a meeting point for the magical, participatory, poetry-led realm tours for the general public and schools throughout the 5 days of the experience, coinciding with the national Heritage Open Days event here in King’s Lynn on the Sunday.  The Viking boat will then go on tour with ArtiPeeps and The Nine Realms, and when not , will be on public display at Hanse House.

The Nine Realms showcases 45 global poets, writers, artists and musicians from around the UK and the world. The project features 38 new poems inspired by the characters and myths of Norse mythology, 19 new, multi-medium artworks representing the 9 realms, from Asgard to Alfheim, and 9 new pieces of specially commissioned realm music. The experience also premieres a bespoke Minecraft Viking World with ‘Let’s Play’ sessions,  a Ragnarök comic and the Northern Lights. Each realm will also be introduced by a Cambridge University Norse Expert.

As well as a Schools’ Day we will also be hosting a special poetry reading with an open mic session in Norwich on the 14th September. Recorded and broadcast by Future Radio

There will also be two practical workshops driven by Norse themes: one poetry and one art held at Hanse House.  If you would like to take part in a workshop please contact, Director, Nicky Mortlock, for further details:

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ArtiPeeps is a collaborative creativity & well-being, not-for-profit organisation and website which specialises in bringing large-scale collaborations to Norfolk and other areas. Exploring & reinventing epic pieces of literature for new audiences. Our purpose is to nurture creativity and well-being through collaboration.

The Nine Realms is also Supported with public funding by Arts Council England and Supported by Norfolk County Council.

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Featured Image:  Odin riding through Nifleheim to save his son Baldr from Nightmares by Robert Fitzmaurice, Reading (Nifelheim)
1. The Crossover by Ann Supan, Philippines (Alfheim)
2. Sandalwood by Jasmine Renold, Manchester (Jotunheim)
3. Between the Beginning and the End There was a Bridge and then the Bridge Broke by Chad Swanson, Australia (Muspelheim)



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